Cristina Vidal: Why They Joined Orchid

Cristina Vidal: Why They Joined Orchid
An experienced practitioner in the field of fertility and reproductive health, Cristina Vidal, RN appreciated how Orchid makes genetics simple and actionable for future parents.
  • Cristina Vidal, RN,is the IVF-Donor-Surrogate nurse coordinator at Stanford Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility with over 20 years of experience in the fertility and reproductive clinic.
Orchid is backed by world class experts in reproductive medicine and genetics committed to helping families understand and mitigate their reproductive risks. In our “Why They Joined” series, we highlight Orchid’s extraordinary scientific and medical advisors and what excites them most about Orchid.

What Cristina Vidal has to say about Orchid

“Orchid is revolutionary and divergent. It offers a better future with healthier families. It helps prevent the ten most common diseases in your future child, along with also helping you take advantage of the information to improve your own health. Orchid makes it simple to understand your DNA and the risk of your child inheriting diseases that we often all worry about. It also gives you the option of making a difference by choosing the embryo with the lowest risk of these diseases through IVF.” 

— Cristina Vidal, RN

Cristina Vidal’s Bio

Cristina E. Vidal, RN is the IVF/Donor/Gestational Carrier Nurse Coordinator at Stanford Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Health. Vidal has over 20 years of experience in the fertility and reproductive health field. Her depth of knowledge spans areas in IVF, third-party reproduction, FDA regulations, and patient advocacy and medical education.

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